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    Engagement Stream Trigger and Cadence

    Adam Horowitz



      I have created a content stream with the intention of adding a lead as they are pushed to Marketo from Salesforce. The goal is to have a lead start getting the emails based on the day they enter the engagement stream. In other words, if a lead is pushed to Marketo on a Monday, I want them to get an email in the content stream every other Monday -- if they are pushed on a Tuesday then they would get an email every other Tuesday, etc. Does anyone know if this possible?


      Below is what I have so far:


      Batch to kickoff engagement



      Trigger and Flow to add new leads to engagement




      The way it's currently set up a lead will start receiving emails on the next set cadence [ https://screencast.com/t/f0TMSE5wJA ], however, this does not set their cadence based on the day they enter the stream as desired (ex: enter on Monday and emailed every other Monday, enter Tuesday and emailed every other Tuesday, etc.). Can this be accomplished with a nurture stream?


      Thank you!


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          Anthony Figgins

          I have done this a few different ways.


          The first way is using a score field and the engagement program. I would have a campaign that listens for the email send and then pauses them in the engagement program and resets the special score field to zero. I then have a second campaign that adds a +1 to the special score field. And finally, I have a campaign that unpauses the person when the score field hits the number you want. 13 would be used for every other week.


          This is a good option if you want each stream to have a different wait period.


          The other option is similar. I would simply have a campaign that listens for the email sent and pauses the person in the stream.I then have a second campaign that waits 13 days from the pause and unpauses the person.


          Configure your engagement stream to be scheduled every day at a certain time. The pause and unpause campaigns will handle when the person gets their email.



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