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Ongoing list/database issues: smart campaigns not affecting all qualified leads

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by Dan Stevens.

Yesterday, we opened up a ticket with support after a member of my team uploaded a list of event attendees to process and the smart campaign to process these people showed that it was only going to affect about 75% of the members of the list:



The trigger campaign uses a single filter – member of this list:


Yet, the campaign says it’s going to affect only 112 people (71%) - and this was a full day after the list was imported into the program in Marketo:



Support's response was as follows:


It looks like there's a database mismatch with the indexer going on. I created a smart list that has the full number of people but is processed differently. In order to get this fixed we will have to create a ticket with engineering. There could just be a delay in it catching up but engineering at the least would be able to fix it.


This is yet another issue we've been experiencing wit core functionality, like list import, database inconsistency, cloning, delayed trigger campaigns, etc. 


Curious to know if others have experienced this "database indexing" issue where there are discrepancies like this - or if it's just happening to us.