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    Calendar event not saving directly into Outook calendar


      I would like to send an email that includes a calendar event so that the recipients of this email can save the event into their calendar as a reminder.


      I've followed the steps carefully and created first, a Calender event File and then a Calender Event. After inserting my token, I sent a test email to check that the link works.


      When I clicked onto the link, instead of popping the event into my Outlook calendar, it wants to save it as a iCal file on my computer. And to add it to my calender, I then have to open the saved iCal file - which then opens as a Outlook calender page. To add the event to my calender, I have to click "Save and Close".


      Is there a way to avoid this step? I'd like for my clients to have a one-step click and pop the event straight into their calendar, without having to first save the iCal file etc etc. Majority of my clients would be on Outlook.