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    Tracking activity to Landing Pages

    Jasmine Jackson-Irwin

      Hi all,


      My team and I are looking to track activity to our Landing Pages using UTM tracking/referring sources. In a Landing Page report, Marketo provides the number of visits. As I built out my report, I assumed that using the filter 'Visited Web Page' where web page = that Landing Page that the numbers would reflect those in the LP report. However, our numbers are wildly different from report to filtered smart list.


      Is there a reason for this? Is this just because Marketo isn't equipped to efficiently track web activity, or is there a better filter/reporting mechanism I could be using? Ideally we're looking to see who of our 'known' leads is visiting the page, but even that information is limited.


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Sally Duda

          Hi Jasmine,


          Two things to bear in mind:

          (1) Total Views in the report is not the same as Unique View(er)s. Total Views includes multiple visits from the same person as opposed to your smart list which lists each person who have visited the page but not how many times they visited.

          (2) The default date of activity in a report is typically the last 7 days. Are you using the same time frame in your smart list that you are using in your report?



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              Jasmine Jackson-Irwin

              (1) That makes sense, but the discrepancy between the Total Views and Unique View(er)s is pretty significant... to the degree that I can't imagine it's actually that number of people viewing to that extent (if that makes sense.)


              (2) I had the time frame set to 'All Time' (the landing page has only been live a few weeks), so yes - report and smart list are in the same time frame.

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              Sanford Whiteman

              A Landing Page Performance report includes:

              • pageviews from non-JS browsing (i.e. bots)
              • pageviews from both associated and non-associated (i.e. anonymous) sessions (more precisely, the notion of a "session" is irrelevant)


              These factors amount for substantial skew relative to a Smart List, which reflects JS-enabled (Munchkin) pageviews from associated sessions only.

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                Paul Trushin

                Smart list only shows you users who have become known to Marketo when they filled out a form or were associated with Marketo tracking cookie through some other mechanism, while Landing page report includes all visitors, known or unknown.


                If you actually drive traffic from third parties, it's absolutely normal for the majority of visitors to be unknown.


                "Visited web page" filter shows you exactly what you are looking for - which known leads visited the page.

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