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    Form Pre-Fill Data Appearing in Wrong Field

    Marisa Rybar

      Hey everyone,


      I'm having an issue with the form pre-fill dropping someone's physical address into an open field text box that's intended for the prospect to fill out with their questions/concerns. Does anyone know why this is happening and/or how to prevent it from continuing to happen?





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          Devraj Grewal



          Are you just seeing this occur with a test person? If so, look at their person details. It is possible that in a past form submit or list import, their address was accidentally inputted into the questions field. What you can do is run an action to take the value of the Questions field and place it in the Address field and nullify the Questions field. Be careful though not to run an action on multiple leads as it is possible not all those with values in the Questions field are actually Addresses. First verify if this is indeed the issue and one-by-one run the action to move their Address from the Questions field to the Address field.