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Need Help Preserving Landing Page Copy

Question asked by Thomas Kerlin on Oct 16, 2017
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We're trying to find a way to capture and preserve landing page copy for landing pages that will NOT be included as part of the migration to a new Marketo instance.


We're considering saving each landing page as an HTML file and storing them on a shared drive. We're aware that only the HTML will be saved while the assets (images/stylesheets, etc.) might be lost. We just saved a landing page as an example (most of our pages are in free form style templates). The rich text elements were saved (the elements that contain the copy) but it didn't save the form element for some reason...does anybody know why?


What other page elements will not be saved if we're approaching this way?


Once the landing page is officially discontinued and the old instance is shut down, will that impact our HTML file in any way?


Thanks for your help!