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    Tracking lead source on a landing page

      We are using a internal page of our website as landing page for an add campaign on Facebook and Linkedin.
      Is there a way to setup the lead source tracking for such case?
      It's seems to be not so possible since for advertising landing pages Marketo recommends to track lead source via utm_source parameter attached to the URL of the webpage, and for website pages, where traffic is comming through referal/organic traffic, Marketo recommends using original referrer parameter.
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          One of the awesome things about Marketo is you are not constrained by any lead source structure, you can build whatever makes sense for you.

          Are you adding a Marketo form to your page? If yes,  as long as you have set-up your form to capture the string with a hidden field and all the links are set-up with the string in place then tracking would work. 

          Hope this helps, 

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            Thanks Jeff for your response. Yes, we have marketo forms with hidden lead source fields on all pages. But here's the problem, even if a lead comes to the page via organic search,  the lead source always is updated as from ads because of the hidden field utm parameter from the URL string. Is there a way to tell Marketo not to use utm parameter for leads source if the original referrer contains e.g. "google" or "bing.com"?
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              Sure, add another parameter to the tracking fields. Then when you capture that parameter on a lead record you can have a workflow that overwrites what Marketo auto fills in.