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    Need Advice: Multi-Domains Munchkin - Limited Code Editing on 2nd Domain


      I have a unique use case for munchkin tracking code and I’m curious if anyone has managed to make this work.

      We have munchkin tracking installed on our main domain. However, our education content (e.g. course data sheets, course schedules, etc.) live on a different domain managed through our Learning Management System, View Central. I know that munchkin tracking code can be installed on multiple domains. However, we only have limited editing access for the pages hosted on the View Central site. We can make edits to the Script Header and the Form Header code.


      View Central support says they aren’t aware of anyone using  tracking codes other than GA. We can try to add it to the Script header code, but it could break or disable our branded elements. This seems risky, but getting course page view data for known visitors is super valuable to our inside sales team.

      Has anyone ever come across something similar? Any suggestions to make it work?


      Here's a look at what we can edit in View Central: