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    Static list import failing second step

      The text below is directly borrowed from this post.  I see it hasn't been resolved.


      Hi, the list import wizard gets stuck in the second step. I’ve tried a couple times and I get the “spinning wheel of death” (it never loads). Anybody facing the same problem and any solution to this?


      Specific details:

      • Other files are uploading properly into the exact same campaign, it just so happens that the specific .csv I'm uploading continues to fail: this makes me believe there is a problem in the file, not Marketo


      Things I have tried and have failed to generate results

      • Formatting any and all columns into text in the file
      • Eliminating redundant columns, spaces, and rows
      • Finding and eliminating additional spaces in any of my cells
      • Creating a brand new csv with a different file name and uploading


      Here is a solution that works, but is unacceptable for my needs

      • Deleting random rows of my file eventually removed whatever offending cell locked my upload down.


      Thanks in advance