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Marketo Insights Google Chrome Extension Installation Issues

Question asked by Kate Huffman on Oct 13, 2017

I am having trouble successfully installing the Marketo Insights Google Chrome Extension. Here is a link to the Marketo Docs instructions on how to do this: Install Marketo Insights for Google Chrome - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


I only got as far as step 2 under Accept Terms before hitting a snag. Step 3 says to 'Accept Full Contact Terms,' but I cannot find where this lives on the Sales Insight page/Email Add-In tab. Below is a screenshot of my page after I follow the step 2 instructions - can anyone help to show me where 'Accept Full Contact Terms' might be?



I tried skipping this step and just resending an invitation to myself to get the reg code, but without accepting full contact terms, it comes just as a Marketo Email Add-in Registration.


Any help/advice is appreciated!