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IMPORTANT:  Do you receive Mpls MUG Invitations?

Question asked by ba188b4921410e1bcc7d5b72e586420a4e78e98b on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Jason Kaiser

Minneapolis Market Community,


We discovered at the last MUG event that many in attendance had not received the event invitation via email from Marketo (it comes from their instance).  I spoke to our MUG rep at Marketo who shared this:


"The MUG invites are sent through our Marketo instance based on who has listed their location as Minneapolis (within a 50 mile radius) in our Marketo email subscription center." (Link:  Please make sure you have your location listed correctly in order to receive the invites!


Let us know if you have questions!


Christina Tibesar and Christina Lefebvre

Minneapolis MUG Leaders