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    Engagement Program Members receiving content after added to Stream from Smart List

    Arvin Poole

      So here is our current setup:


      [Engagement Program: Awareness] setup with 3 streams (Stream A, Stream B, Stream C).

      In Stream A, we are using a transition rule to pull in members who are part of a smart campaign.


      The smart campaign is as follows:

      01 - Add Records to Program

      • Who (Smart List): Filter > Member of Smart List > Person in Persona 1
      • What (Flow): Add to Engagement Program > Program: Awareness

      02 - Add as Member

      • Who (Smart List): Trigger > Added to Engagement Program > Program: Awareness
      • What (Flow): Change Program Status > Nurture>Member


      In Stream A, there are (5) Emails. The way that we currently have this setup is that in Stream A, we have in our transition rule to trigger on when someone is added as a member of [Engagement Program: Awareness]. And the Flow of the transition rule is to "Send Email" to each of the (5) emails in the stream.


      transition rule - flow - send email.PNG


      Question 1: Is it necessary to add "Send Email" as part of the flow in the transition rule for [Engagement Program: Awareness A] in order for the members to begin receiving email? Or does this happen when you set up the schedule/cast?


      Question 2: Is there a simpler way to create our smart campaign within one smart list to accomplish "Add Records to Program", "Add as Member" and also start the members off with the 1st email of the Awareness Stream?


      I have a proposed solution to completely remove the emails from the Flow in the 1st stream of the Awareness program because by adding them to the stream, the cadence should take priority in sending out the email based on the schedule. Is this the case?


      Thanks for your input and recommendations.