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Form Prefill Identity Mismatch

Question asked by Pamela Hudadoff on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

I am building a two step communication preferences solution to ensure that the communication preferences loaded are for the correct Marketo identity.   (We have a system where individuals might have multiple identities - email addresses.)


The first step is an email only form with prefill enabled.    When this is submitted, it takes the user to the preferences setting page.  Simple enough.   Then I tested the form.


Test 1 on Windows 10, Firefox 56.0 (64 bit) - but this also happens on MS Edge :

I come to the email only page ( and it is prefilled with my last cookied identity -

I alter the email address from pamtest8 to and submit the form.


!! Here is the issue:

The preferences page comes up with a mix of my new email address - pamtest80 and values prefilled from my pamtest8 cookied identity.   When I look at the page source for the page, the prefill variable shows the values for the new identity (all of the fields are pretty much empty).


Where is the form getting the original pamtest8 values that are populated there when the prefill variable isn't showing them there?

More importantly, how can I stop this from happening?   The whole purpose of the two form solution is getting the right identity in place in the cookie so that the preferences form will fill accurately.


One more thing to know:

For the email only form, I have some custom javascript code that takes a encrypted URL parameter, decrypts it, and uses the value to fill the email address field.   It is set up so that if there is a cookie, it will overwrite the email address from the cookie.  However, in this situation, the code in the javascript that does this should not be executing (no URL parameter).


Any and all wisdom are welcome.