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    Smart list subscription

    Kevin Caballero

      Two part question for a project I am working on.


      I want to create a list that shows every time someone fills out a specific form. The same person can fill out the form multiple times so I want to make sure it is showing everyone, for every instance they filled out this form (date/time). Is that possible?


      Second question:

      I currently have a list to a rudimentary solution to the problem above. I have created a smart list subscription that sends out the list every week but am being told the the people subscribed to it did not receive it. I pushed out a manual send and they received that one so I am not sure what the problem could be or check if there even is one.

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          Devraj Grewal



          A person can be added to a list multiple times, but the list will only contain that person listed one time.


          For the smart list subscription, did you verify the subscription was active? You can check this in the topmost "Marketing Activities" folder under the "Subscriptions" tab. Also verify that if you have a list of recipients for the subscription to separate out their email addresses with a colon or semicolon (ex. "john@company.com;jane@company.com")

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              Kevin Caballero

              I see. I was thinking I could have a trigger to add them to something every time that person fills out the form. The only thing I am going off right now is the Lead Automation Trigger Date, which I have been told is overwritten every time someone fills out a form. Do you know if this capability will be something that is available if Marketo is synced with SalesForce and can pull a report from SalesForce?


              They are not in the Marketing Activities but are in top most Database subscription tab. I have no end date set and it says the campaign is active.