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    UTM Tracking for Unknown Page Visits

    Trevor Parsell



      We are working on a project that will require detailed tracking of everyone visiting pages from various web/ad campaigns. I have created the standard utm fields in Marketo and added them to forms to capture where known leads are coming from.


      However, we also want to be able to track where our anonymous traffic is coming from using the same utm parameters and have a clear dashboard for this traffic. Is there a way to clearly see this in Marketo without using google analytics? Or is google analytics always the best option for seeing this type of info?


      I am new to google analytics and anonymous web tracking so any insight is greatly appreciated!



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          Gerard Donnelly

          As far as I know the only way to populate those utm fields is based on form fills.  If you are looking to capture the utm parameters for all the traffic coming to the website GA is probably your best bet. 


          There may well be some third party plugin that can help you capture that data but I'm not aware of it.


          The issue is that those UTM fields are stored at the lead level which means unless the user has filled in a form where is the data stored?


          I use GA for my overall stats and then Marketo for the stats of people who filled in a form.


          Keep in mind that because those fields are at the lead level they get overwritten each time the person fills in a new form. If you need a permenant record of how people signed up for a particular program you would have to create lists within that program based on the utm parameters and then when people fill out a form you would bucket them into the specific list. (This isn't sustainable on programs with lots of different marketing channels.)


          Hopefully Marketo will create a solution to this soon.

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