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    WordPress Forms, Maketo Connector for WordPress by Hoosh

    Julie Simon

      For a new website redesign, my web team has decided to use WordPress Forms (for lead capture) throughout the site (instead of Marketo forms placed on the page in an iFrame or other container). They are using a Marketo Connector for WordPress by Hoosh to manage the syncing of fields between the WordPress forms and Marketo. I am wondering whether anyone has experience either in using this connector specifically, or any experience in using WordPress Forms instead of Marketo Forms on your website?


      We're experiencing some difficulties in getting the Marketo forms to get posted in HTTPS, and I also would just like to get any general insight on using WordPress forms vs. Marketo forms, if possible...


      (The site is not yet live, so while we've done some testing, I haven't really been able to experience them in action).