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    Pause Lead to Norma

    Diego Villamizar

      Hi guys,

      I need your help.

      In our engagement program we paused leads base on the Opp Stage and the Lead status. But I found out that sometimes this happens for error with the lead owner when updating the status or something else. My question is, when I reactivate the cadence of these lead how could add them to the last stream they were part of without entering the nurture again?

      This is something the nurture stream will take care by default?





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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Diego


          If you just pause a lead and do not remove it from the stream, when you set the cadence back to Normal, it will restart exactly where it stopped. Similarly, if you have changed the lead to another stream, when you set it back to the previous stream, is will also skip all the content the lead has already received and move to the first "fresh" one for this lead.


          I have not tried to completely remove the lead from the program and put it back (using a change program status -> not in program flow step), but AFAIK, it will behave the same.