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    Email A/B Test - Batch Campaign

    Addy Sharma

      We have a batch campaign with reoccurring email send that happens every Monday at 9:00 am, and a Lead can run through the flow every 33 days means one person can receive the email only once a month. I need to do an A/B subject line testing on the email, how can I do that in the same batch campaign?



      ps. We do not want to create a new campaign to do a champion and challenger engagement program test.


      Can anyone please suggest how can I achieve the above?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Addy


          Champion/Challenger only works in triggered campaigns, not in batches.


          2 solutions :

          1. Create a champion challenger and a triggered campaign using the "campaign is requested" trigger. Activate it. Then in your batch flow, replace the "send email" by a "request campaign" that calls the triggered one
          2. Create 2 emails, that differ from each other with by the object. In the send email flow step, use a random sample choice to split your batch target in 2 sub groups that will each receive one of the 2 emails.



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            Josh Hill

            +1 on Greg.

            There are excellent posts and docs on Random Sample use with Choice Steps for Batch, among other options.