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    Can Marketo PURLs be used at the Account level?

      I would like to create a PURL at the Account level. And then distribute it with data that pulls data from a 3rd party source other than salesforce. Is this possible?


      I know that PURL's work at the people level, but can they work for an account? (1)


      2. I would like to sync marketo with tableau, does that work?

      3. If not, can i upload data, and have those fields NOT sync to salesforce


      I am asking these questions because we have thousands of accounts who all have different items that need to be activated. We would like to email the people associated with those accounts and notify them of which items need to be activated. these items are not in SFDC and won't be. I am trying to automate this process.


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          Sanford Whiteman

          pURLs will always be linked to a Person record, since they're accessed using the Unique Code or Unique Name, which are Person fields.


          You can have your pURLs pull and push data from anywhere, if you have a skilled developer. Although not typically used for this purpose, Marketo LPs can communicate with outside web services as easily as can any other webpage, with the advantage that you can use lead tokens to pass parameters to outside services.


          I think you should explain exactly what you by "items" to be activated and a sample end-user workflow, though. I don't get where you want the final data to reside. If it's not supposed to be used in Marketo (nor in SFDC) then you could think about using a form on a Marketo LP (not a Marketo form per se) to pass data to an outside service.


          Also, you do need to make sure pURLs work as desired in any case.

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              Yes, I see.


              So our customers are manufacturers of brands like Doritos. They may want to know how many of their Products (UPCS) are not "activated," or fully verified (up to date content), on the network (places like Amazon) to be purchased. Our platform sits between the Retailer (Amazon) and the Manufacturer.


              We want to urge the Manufacturer to activate their brands on our platform by showing them how many of their products (UPCS) are out of date, not visible, or missing on our Network (therefore not showing up on Amazon et.al). 


              Now this will be per Manufacturer (but technically could just be duplicated to each person at the same manufacturer). My idea was to have sales push out an email that sent a link to a PURL. ON that PURL was a dynamic feed of their UPCs that are missing.


              The UPC data is NOT in salesforce. We've done it in the past, but was just too messy. So we could use tableau, dropbox, SQL, etc.


              Not sure if any of this is possible or a terrible idea. We know that they have PAIN around this. and when our sellers give them the info, it works. But as you can imagine, takes the seller a lot of time to go manually look it up each time.

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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  Sorry for the delay, too many threads to follow up on.


                  Yes, a pURL -- or more precisely, a set of pURLs -- could be sent to all people linked to an account.  Then if there's some {{lead.token}} that can serves as a key to do a lookup and get a remote feed, that'll do fine.


                  However, the choices for presenting the feed aren't really Tableau/Dropbox/SQL because you'll need a back end that's web-accessible (SQL on its own is not). You could use a Google Sheet, feed that into the the page. That's how we do this btw:



                  That's a Marketo LP serving as a template; all the products come from a sheet.