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How to use the nurture program to measure success.

Question asked by DeAnna Humphrey on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by DeAnna Humphrey

The below setup is what my consultant setup when we were putting together my first test Nurture program.  I am wondering if I am correct when I read the below aspect of the Smart List.  The Clicked Link in Email filter is only specifying email 1 but the campaign test has 5 emails. To measure success I would base it off of any email in the Nurture that clicked the credit application link.  Also, we measure success from someone calling in off of the email. In Salesforce we make status update changes such as the Visit Type to Inbound call and the Person Status to Applicant when the application is submitted via an inbound call from the email advertisement.  They may not click to the link, instead they call us from the contact number withing the email.  I don't fee this setup is going to capture these influences properly.


Can someone give me their feedback on what changes I would need to make to the Nurture program to achieve the result I am looking for?