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    Web-to-Case - Use Marketo or SFDC Forms?

    Amy Lepre

      We are getting ready to implement Salesforce Web-to-Case and are now at a crossroads in deciding if we should use Marketo or SFDC forms to capture the user data. A little bit about our integration: we sync every lead & contact that is created in SFDC to Marketo, but only sync SQL to SFDC from Marketo. I am concerned that if we have a SFDC form, we'll end up with a duplication issue if we have a large number of people fill out the form that are leads in Marketo, but not previously known to SFDC. If we do end up using a Marketo form, can someone point me to documentation on the best way to implement? I've read through some community posts that talk about using webhooks and API calls and I've read the Marketo documentation on creating webhooks, but I've never created one before. Are webhooks the ideal method to use for this? Any other thoughts, caveats, best practices to share?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Amy,



          Indeed, if you use forms from SFDC in addition to Marketo ones, you will end up with duplicates if someone has filled out a Marketo form but is not SQL (and therefore not was not pushed to SFDC) and is also created in SFDC, by whatever system.


          BUT unless you modify it on purpose (through some custom develoment), the good news is that by default, SFDC web-to-case does NOT create new contacts in SFDC (See Autocreating Contacts From Web To Case - developer.force.com ) it will only create a case and an email address in the case.


          Now it is indeed possible to capture people and case info through a Marketo form and relay this data to SFDC Web-to-case with a webhook. Since web-to-case is a simple web form, you can post data to it with a simple HTTP POST, that you can fire with a webhook. Unfortunately, guiding you through it goes beyond what we can reasonably do here


          Another side comment : lways better pushing all new leads to SFDC and if you do not want the sales to see them, have them owned by a lead queue to which sales have no access.