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    Consultant Exam

      Hi All,


      Do you know if MKTO still offers the MKTO Consultant Certification? I can't find it, all listed in their certifications page is MCE (Marketo Certified Expert) and the Specializations.



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          Chris Johnston

          Hi Macarena, the MCC certification has changed to MCSA. It definitely still exists but I believe you need to be a Partner and actually a Gold Services Partner to earn it, so they do not market it to the general public as it is tough to earn.  I know at Summit when speaking with the team that runs it, there were under 150 people in the world that had earned it (MCC were grandfathered in) and our team at Salytics has 6 of them.


          It is a great certification to earn, we had a multi-day training session as well as a 3 month project to complete before presenting to Marketo. It really does highlight the best of the best of Marketo Consultants.


          MCC: Marketo Certified Consultants
          MCSA: Marketo Certified Solutions Architects


          **I have sat in on a lot of Marketo meetings, there is more coming to the Certifications but I am not sure how much is to be made public. I think by next Summit they will have completed all the great new initiatives with Training (Marketo University) & Certifications.