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    Change the unique identifier from email address to a custom field.

    Danny Famularo

      Hi, I'm new to Marketo and am transitioning from SalesForce Marketing Cloud (AKA ExactTarget). In our business it is very common for there to be two accounts attached to a single email address. So for example, there could be a husband and wife, each of which have separate account number (i.e. 10000 and 10001) however they share the same email address jsmith@household.com. When we send out an email, we need to to ensure that each of them both get their account relevant email as there may be different content within them. In ExactTarget, we were required to change the "subscriber key" from email address to a custom field (i.e. "AccountNumber") to allow for these instances. Is it possible to do something similar with Marketo?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          First, to be clearer about terminology: in Marketo, the email address is not actually a unique identifier. Not only is it not mandatory (in database terms, that means that all the leads with a blank email address in fact have the same email address) but, as you know, there's far from end-to-end protection against duplicate emails.  Email is merely the default deduplication key when using certain (but not all) Marketo functions. Custom settings exist so that some functions use the email address + one other field as the dedupe key instead, but that still doesn't make it a unique id, and still, not all functions will use the custom dedupe key.


          The only guaranteed unique identifiers in Marketo are the Lead ID, Unique Code, and Unique Name. Other fields might be treated (by some functions and outside apps) as if they are unique, but Marketo will not ensure uniqueness. An example is when you sync an outside system to Marketo that has a special guaranteed-unique field associated with each of its records. As long as Marketo settings and flows are careful to never touch that field, it'll stay unique in Marketo as well. But it can still be changed within Marketo and the system won't blink.


          Anyway, to your question: the Marketo feature that stops the same batch flow step from sending to the same email address more than once isn't deduplication per se. It's a special feature to stop spam-like behavior, and isn't related to create/update deduping. To work around this feature, have your Batch Smart Campaign call Request Campaign on a related Trigger SC. Everyone who qualifies for the Batch SC will then get the email, since the email step is standalone.

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            Jennifer Freshwater

            Hi Danny -  I am keen to find a solution for the same issue.  We understand that if we can't add leads into Marketo via the SOAP or CSV upload with the same email address nor keep those records up-to-date.  But I am seeking to find a way to be able to allow a couple to have their own names & flags as well as share an email address.  Have you found a way ?