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'Head Start' feature overriding smart campaign?

Question asked by Jasmine Jackson-Irwin on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by Jasmine Jackson-Irwin

HI all! Another email campaign, another funky hiccup...


This week we had a campaign go out to a list of customers, some of whom require a smart campaign to change 'Marketing Suspend' from true to false. Background: We have statuses for records in Salesforce that correspond to Marketing Suspend so that they are not reached by marketing communications. I had the smart campaign for the data value change to run 15 minutes prior to the email send schedule so that they would not be blocked as part of the send.


I set this campaign up in advance and used the 'Head Start' feature to process the recipient list in advance. When I checked the campaign after it ran, all of the folks included in that data value change smart campaign ran through the smart campaign successfully, but weren't included in the larger email send - they were still 'blocked' despite their Marketing Suspend values being changed to false.


Did this mistake occur because I used the 'Head Start' function, so it processed the leads before they were Marketing Suspend=false? Or is it possible something else caused this?


Thanks in advance for your feedback!


EDIT: I should note that I have followed this process for another email send previously and had no issues, hence my concern around the 'Head Start.' I know, too, that Marketo was having some smart list issues this week... maybe that was part of it?