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    UTM tracking in Marketo

    Digital OC

      Hi all,


      I have a question regarding the "integration" between UTM codes and Marketo.

      Assuming that:

      • I have 2 different EDMs with a CTA which redirects to the same LP
      • On the CTAs I have put UTM codes, different for the two EDMs
      • The LP is hosted on an external server and in it I have embedded a registration form built in Marketo


      Is it possible to differentiate the registrations coming from the different EDMs?

      For example, if user 1 clicks on email 1 with this UTM code: utm_campaign=XXX&utm_source=email1 and user 2 does the same on email 2 with utm_campaign=XXX&utm_source=email2, can I understand based on these utm from which email the users who registered at the event come from?

      Same idea for people who come from social posting who will have utm codes like utm_campaign=XXX&utm_source=twitter.



      Many thanks,


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          Trevor Parsell

          Hey Chiara,


          You will need to add hidden fields to your form that can pull in your UTM values when the form is submitted. For example you should add "Utm_Campaign" and "UTM_Source" fields to the form and make them hidden.


          You can then click the Edit next to the "Autofill" button for those fields and select "Get Value from: URL Parameter" and fill in "Parameter Name: with "utm_campaign" or "utm_source".


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            Paul Trushin

            Keep in mind though, that the scenario proposed  by Trevor for tracking new lead sources will work only for tracking last-click UTMs and only if the form fill-out happens on the LP that you've linked to. If you want to track first-click UTMs across all LPs and forms, you'll need to custom code your cookies.