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    Catching the date of a form fill

    Kevin Caballero

      I have created a smart list that has leads added if they fill out a specific form. However this was recently created so the first time I ran the smart campaign, I had it add people who filled out the form three months ago as well. What I want to be able to do is see when the lead actually filled out the form.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          If you aren't merely filtering on a date range but displaying the fill out date, you have to stamp that information onto the lead record.


          This can be done on the client side (using the Forms API + JS) or with a simple Change Date Value flow step to set a Datetime field to the {{system.datetime}} token.


          Note that maintaining separate form fillout fields can be hard to manage -- I use a history field to record all form fillouts in a "stack" but not individual fields.


          More typically (not to say this is the only case) you want to see if someone filled out the form in a given timeframe, for which you can use a filter that operates on the Activity Log without the need for a separate field.

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