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On form submit, replace form with "thank you" message

Question asked by d3147417035c8888148efcc97d1c763801b2726c on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Robb Barrett
Is there a way to do this without bringing a second landing page into the equation, as suggested by this post:

I've come across some steps for getting at the form's embed text to make the form "disappear" on submit:

But when I followed these steps, I was unable to edit the embed code in Marketo, and wasn't sure where to copy and paste that code without affecting the functionality currently in place (in other words, I don't want to break the basic form functionality).

Inside my index.html file, I have the following JS:

         <script type="text/javascript">
           function formSubmit(elt) {
             var formSubmit = Mkto.formSubmit(elt);
             if (!formSubmit) {
               return false;
             return true;
           function formReset(elt) {
             return Mkto.formReset(elt);

     Which is used as an event handler when the Submit button is clicked:

     <a onclick='formSubmit(document.getElementById("mktForm_1024")); return false;' href="#" class="button">SUBMIT</a>

     Could the answer lie in making changes to the code inside the above script tag, or is there another way I should go about this? What about jQuery's .load() method?