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    Set up a Hidden Field

      Hi All,


      I've a banner on a third party website, clicking on which takes someone to our website, which has forms - filling on the forms generates alerts that goes to our inbound team.


      The Question is -  I need to distinguish between the alerts that gets generated when Lead directly fills out the forms on our website vs when they have been referred form that third party site on to ours and fill out form.


      (The link from the third party website to ours is UTM tagged with utm_Source=CA%10 and utm_medium=CB) But the utm tagged url stays only if the lead has landed on it as so as they start navigating on our website the url goes n its just our website url


      Could anyone help me set up the hidden field that I can put as a token on my alert email? That tells the sales team the referrer URL was the "UTM tagged URL" and set a default value as "Source = Test Lead".