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    Deleting a Marketo Admin?

    Calon Alpar



      One of my colleagues who was a Marketo Admin has left my company. I haven't actually had to remove a user in this high role level before and she did have automated emails within our nurture stream setup. I am wondering if I remove her, will those emails still work, as she has been deleted. Or will I have to change all the "from" email addresses before deleting her?


      Thanks for the help.

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          Devraj Grewal



          Please move this discussion to Products as it is Marketo-specific and not a general marketing topic.


          If the user is deleted, those emails will still work and auto-replies will still send to her email address. It's probably best practice to have her work emails forward to another member of the team. But as for your question, those "from addresses" do not need to be changed to someone else in order to send the emails, but it's best practice to begin removing all references to her email address.

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