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What does the "Updated" field on a lead/person reflect?

Question asked by Bill Lundy on Oct 5, 2017



I'm trying to understand what the "Updated" field on the person record reflects? That is, what causes that Updated date to change?

I have looked through the docs and the community and have not been able to find a direct answer to this.


This is different from the "Updated At" filter in a smart list and different from the "updatedAt" used in the API.

I understand what both the smart list filter does and what the API filter does, but am not clear on what the "Updated" field on the person is?


The Updated At filter seems to correspond to Change Data Values, Added to a List and some program activities.

I can find many leads (in numerous instances) that have an Updated date earlier than Change Data Values.


My assumption was that they were the same, and everyone I've asked so far thought the Updated date reflected the last time the person had a data value changed.


We use this date on the person object for analytics and reports. It's the same Updated date you will get if you export a list of people from Marketo.


Thanks in advance for any help or insight on this.