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Forms, how short is too short?

Question asked by Savina Angel on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by 9ac00b9a8f1bae05e4cbdf3e559c964e59a2c8b2

There is an on-going discussion at our B2B company about shortening our forms to 2 or 3 fields in order to get better form conversions. Currently, the displayed fields are First/Last Name, Company, Email, Phone, Job Role, Phone Number, Demo request (Yes/No/Later). All the other fields are hidden and are enriched by a third party (if the email address is not a personal account). If the company is not in our database, the form expands to ask for city, state, country.  The demographic questions are asked so that our leads can be routed to the right salesperson. The only field I would willingly give up is Job Role, albeit reluctantly.


We have used progressive profiling forms, which are great for known leads, but what can/should we do for net new leads? How short is too short? The clean data advocate in me doesn't want leads in our Marketo instance that can't be routed to sales. Help!