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Updating Microsoft Dynamics credentials is a pain?!

Question asked by 17d314adda74ec6c7c2b0167bd0d83451919e31f on Sep 30, 2017

Hi guys,


Our CRM changed its tenant and the CRM Manager changed our integration user (had our vendor name on it). I have disabled the Sync and tried to update the credentials without success. Also opened P2 tickets but the answer will be too late (Tuesday) and I need the system to start working now.


If I click on the top menu option "Edit Credentials" it won't allow me to set the URL field, it's disabled. If I click the "Edit" orange option on the Credentials area, I change the User and Password, save it but the window stays there for hours (+12 hours) but it never closes nor a success message is shown.


Has anybody done this? Any tips or tricks to make this change to work? Thank you!