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    Can you hyperlink an image on a Hero Guided Template?

    Ryan Garcia

      I am using the marketo guided template 2-A and am trying to hyperlink one of the template elements. While I am able to add a hyperlink to that element, it is not using the URL variable that I entered. I have gone through all the code to set it up based on what I read in community and even tried copying what other templates used to hyperlink an image. And it looks to be correct. However, I am unable to determine what I am doing wrong for it to utilizing a different URL. Here is a screenshot of the code and location of the element I am trying to add a hyperlink too:


      9-28-2017 4-19-22 PM.png


      9-28-2017 4-19-08 PM.png

      Here is a screenshot of the element and variable. I entered marketo's URL as the variable, but the image is adding "na-ab.19....." And I don't know why.

      template element_image.png


      I am coding the element wrong? Or do I need to code in a completely different element to hyperlink an image.