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    Anyone know of another service to LeadLander

    Geoff Krajeski

      Looking to find out about comparable services...

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          Josh Hill

          can you explain what you want to do with it? What didn't work with leadlander?

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            Christina Zuniga

            Agree with Josh, what were you using it for?


            Pre-Marketo my company was using it to track companies that visited our website and we replaced that report with Marketo's company web analytics reporting. The downside is that Marketo does not have a known AND anonymous blended report so those need to be separated out, but we've still found that Marketo meets our needs.


            Is that what you're using Leadlander for?

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                Rod Allen

                Hi Christina,


                We used Leadlander a few years back, pre Marketo, and I have recently had requests from my sales team for something similar in Marketo. I am currently sending known visiter reports but they are asking for unknown visiter information. Can you please provide instructions on what you are doing to replace leadlander with Marketo?




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                    Christina Zuniga

                    Rod Allen sure! Here are some instructions


                    You cannot combine anonymous and known reports to make one convenient report. What you can do is to have multiple reports and explain in the description section what that report is for. For example you could have a "Known" visitor report and in the description put that this is based on people you know and have cookie'd vs. the "Unknown" report where people people were not cookie'd / have not filled out a form. The description section is sent with the email, so it's best to include your email address so people know who to go to with questions instead of trying to reply to the email.


                    To actually set up an Anonymous report create a new report and go to the Setup tab. In order to get this as similar to LeadLander as possible, I set this up as a Company Web Activity report, not an individual Web Activity Report. My company cares less about individual data and more about aggregated company data, so this makes more sense for me. Choose Activity Source and choose Anonymous Visitors. Depending on your industry you might want to filter out ISPs (although this prebuilt 'filter' actually misses quite a few of them and I've had to filter out an additional 1000+ using a smart list).


                    Ultimately I decided not to send Known activity reports at all because my sales team can see that in MSI. I chose only to send Anonymous activity to allow the sales team to go after companies where we haven't had much direct interaction / haven't gotten people to download content and drop cookies.