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Spliting the Text Values from one text field to multiple other custom fields in Marketo.

Question asked by Rajesh Khatri on Sep 29, 2017
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As you all know that Marketo CONTACTdoes not flows in to Salesforce (SFDC)lead queue, it always creates a duplicate lead in SFDC. Now the challenge is we are creating multiple leads in SFDC and post calling through telemarketing team, the dead leads remain in SFDC as it is for a long period of time. So I thought of creating one TEXT field in SFDC and list down the Lead Number, Lead Status and Dead Reason in that particular field. But as there could be multiple leads for one contact, there field would carry multiple line values. As we cannot create multiple fields in SFDC. Then these values will be pushed to Marketo Contact record. Once I receive them in Text field of Marketo Contact Record, I want to pick up each line from this and place in a different field of Marketo. I will create almost 5 fields in Marketo LEAD1, LEAD2, LEAD3, LEAD4 AND LEAD5. Every line will be placed in a different field. If I am able to do so, then through smart campaigns, I will segment the dead leads and delete them off.


My question is: How can we pick up the first line and place in field LEAD1 and second line in LEAD2 and so on.


Thanks in advance.



Rajesh Khatri