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What is my shared IP address range?

Question asked by David Eldred on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by 8221ebd6ded653a848aa4ccec22a5b05e45f3a04

I was told to submit a "Help Ticket" to Marketo to find the answer to the question below. How do I submit a Help Ticket?

In the meantime, the answer I need is "What is my shared IP address for outbound email?"

We are working with a vendor who needs to know the IP address from which our marketing emails will come. They will use this to whitelist the IP address for importing these emails to our CRM.

I suspect the shared IP address is a range, not a single IP, but need to know the following:

  • What is our share IP address/range for email?
  • Will that shared IP address/range remain constant? Or will it change?
  • How will we know if the shared IP address/range changes?

Thank you in advance for help. And please do tell me how to submit a Help Ticket.