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    Media Queries/URL Tag issues

    Will Shum

      Hi has anyone experience this? Somehow urls we have do not register some fields that are either:


      1. hardtagged (as hidden fields)

      2. URL tagged


      For issue number two:

      we see in activity log as:

      1. comes in as: http://brand.ca/url-name.html with query parameters as: ?program=program1 ForSmartPPL&mg=Search%20Engine%20Marketing&msg=Google%20Ad&gclid=CjwKEAjwu7LOBRDZ_MOHmpW6kW8SeUvLhGpl3lb8NxoCg57w_wcB23423dwe


      That means the system sees the parameters but somehow the user submits with ONLY the url: http://brand.ca/url-name.html without the parameters.


      The original URL is

      1. http://brand.ca/url-name.html?program=program1%20ForSmartPPL&mg=Search%20Engine%20Marketing&msg=Google%20Ad