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Configure Sales Insight as Lightning Component in SFDC

Question asked by 9fb83b721df362f2d25812bbf40ec58eb1ed07fd on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by Suzanne Wink

I want to configure Marketo Sales Insight(MSI) as a Lightning Component within Salesforce, rather than have it displayed on the standard page layouts. As we migrate to lightning, I'm finding this configuration would give us a lot more flexibility in our page design, as well as putting the Sales Insight in a more relevant place for our sales team.


The SFDC Standard Lightning Components allow you to use any standard visualforce page that uses API version 32.0 and later. See this support doc, the section titled "Visualforce Page Component"


The problem is the Marketo Visualforce Pages for MSI are all using API version 20.0, which is not compatible with the standard Visualforce Page Component within Lightning. There are mobile versions of the MSI pages which are compatible, but they are much more limited in scope regarding the information they provide.


Has anyone successfully deployed the MSI pages as Lightning Components in SFDC, either using the standard Visualforce Page Component or any other methods? Also, how can we get the MSI visualforce pages updated to a current API version, which would also solve this problem?