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    Form conversion rate

    Micaela Wright

      Our previous ESP allowed us to view the conversion rate of individual forms we were using; for example, form A was viewed 100,000 times and had 100 form fills. Does Marketo offer this functionality?

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          Grace Brebner

          Hey Micaela Wright - you probably want a Landing Page Performance Report (see: Landing Page Performance Report - Marketo Docs - Product Docs).


          There's no default reporting functionality specific to forms, but the above report will tell you the number of page views, and then the number of form conversions and conversion rate based on those two.


          If you're using forms on multiple pages, you'll need to combine. If you're embedding forms outside of Marketo, you'll probably need to look at form fill out numbers and some website reporting.


          Hope that's helpful.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            As Grace mentions, embedded forms are treated very differently from named Form elements on Marketo-hosted LPs.  For one thing, the concept of anonymous "impressions" isn't something that embedded forms log on their own. While some tricks exist to log an impression to a dummy Marketo LP (used only for reporting) it's probably going to be easier, for embedded forms, to log both impressions and conversions to your web analytics package.

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