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    SFDC campaign members sync to MKTO

    Macarena LopezMazzeo



      We synced a SFDC campaign to a MKTO Email Program. The sync appears on the MKTO Program Summary tab, but members don't. We set up the Program Smart List as Members of SFDC campaign but they don't show up. Anyone knows why this might be?



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          Josh Hill



          Are there members in the Program or SFDC Campaign?


          1. Most people never do this because of the risks to process. Please do a search on why. It basically forces a sync when you may not want one.
          2. Your statuses on both sides should match. There are good docs on the docs.marketo.com on how this is done.
          3. Are you sure your Sync is setup to allow SFDC Campaigns into Marketo? Is the sync Profile correct? Perhaps Marketo can see the Campaign, but not write to it?