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    Cross domain tracking

    Addy Sharma

      Hi All,


      I would like to track the leads acquisition channel where they click on our banners on our partners website (completely different domain name eg adc.com.au)  which takes them 123.com.au (our website that has munchkin code) which then has our marketo form.


      Example: if visitor clicks on adc.com.au and clicks on a banner that we have put up it takes them to 123.com.au  (our website) and fill out our marketo form, ID 4567.

      How will I know that they originated form adc.com.au


      Could anyone please help me how can i achieve it?




        • Re: Cross domain tracking
          Sanford Whiteman

          The tracking is no different than if you were putting a page on an ad network.  Make sure you include UTM query params on the links to your site and then map them to hidden fields on your form (or you can use any other query params, the utm_* format is just a convention due to the ubiquity of Google)