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    Salesforce-Marketo Fields Sync - Renaming Field in SFDC

    Vipula Dhamija


      I renamed two field and API names in SFDC.

      List of fields

      Old Field NameOld Field API
      New Field NameNew Field API
      Billing Statusbilling_status_cAccount Statusaccount_status_c
      Account Statusaccount_status_cShipping Statusshipping_status_c


      Now all the field values in marketo are messed up. Is there any way to fix that?


      Now there are 3 fields in MKTO- Account status, Shipping Status, and Billing Status

      For example Account no 123 (acct created before the change) values are-

      SFDC: Account status- Active; Shipping Status- Not Yet Shipped & MKTO Account Status- Not Yet Shipped; Billing Status- Active