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    Update channel step labels or create new channels?

    Grace Brebner

      Hey everyone,


      I'm working in an instance with a case of runaway channels and looking to consolidate. Where possible and logical, I'm keen to update existing channels rather than replace them with new ones, but I'm struggling to find any references in the community/mkto docs as to what will actually happen to records in the system if I do this.


      Will all contacts in the system with that program status simply be updated to the new value? Or will they be wiped/maintain the old value and end up creating a bunch of reporting issues?


      Keen to hear from anyone who's got experience in this area!



        • Re: Update channel step labels or create new channels?
          Grace Brebner

          I've actually gone and answered this myself by creating a test channel and running myself through a few scenarios.


          Looks like:

          • Update the label of an existing step and that will automatically be updated across leads who are currently in that step (e.g. change "clicked" to "engaged", members in that status start showing as engaged).
          • If you delete a step, members in that status will still show in that status and would need to be manually changed to another one. If it was the success step, those individuals will still show as successes.


          Would still be keen to see if anyone has any different experience, though!