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    Email Reports

    Elizabeth Dack



      I'm looking to create a report that will tell me what percentage of people have opened two separate emails (in different email programs).

      "How many people opened both email A and email B?"


      Is anyone aware of how to create a report like this in Marketo?





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          Grant Booth

          Hi Elizabeth,


          I don't think there's a way to do that while looking specifically at email stats (i.e. through an email performance report). This is the kind of thing you'd have to use smart lists for and do the calculation manually.

          If you're only interested in the lead count, rather than knowing their open, click, unsubscribe, etc. rates, you could create a Person report, set it's smart list to only include people who were sent the emails, and then use a custom column to reference a smart list for who opened both emails.


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            Dan Stevens.

            This simple smart list will tell you who and how many.  It will be up to you to determine the percentage.  Just know that email opens is super unreliable - you'd be better of measuring clicks (event that's becoming more unreliable when you don't also include other engagement - like visits landing page).


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