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    How Custom Entity data updates

    Daniel Carroll

      Hi Community.


      Hoping someone can shed some light. We are synching an "Application" entity via Dynamics 365. We obviously have two filters available, Has Application and Was Added to Application. We have a number of fields synching for this Custom Entity.


      I have two questions. The first, if I do an exact query for "Was Added" (with no time constraint) and "Has" I don't get the same results. Should I be getting the same results? I appreciate "Was Added" is an action seen by Marketo, and "Has" is looking at historical data, but let's assume they match so, all current Applications would have been recorded by Marketo as "Added", should I see the same results in my constraint queries using these two filters separately?


      The second question is about updates to Custom Entity data. If someone "Has an Application" and fields change in CRM e.g. Status , should this instantly reflect in the Custom Entity smartilist query in Marketo?


      I've searched the community with little success on this subject, this article touches on an issue - Force Modified Date to Sync on Dynamics Custom Entities - but can anyone offer their experience?


      Thanks very much.