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Duplicate leads created by Dynamics

Question asked by 4ff50dc5eadbb5ec92d6192340660ee14dbc8696 on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by Jonathan Ng

Hi -


We have Marketo & Microsoft Dynamics but they currently aren't quite synced up yet.  This is one of the projects our IT is working on and how to release it to the company in October.  The issue we are having is when we tried to sync, Dynamics dumped duplicate leads into Marketo and we went from 400,000 contacts to 700,000.  Our IT team has proposed that we delete all the leads out of Marketo and start new.  But that would mean we would lose about 1 year's worth of data.  Has anyone encountered this before and if so, what are some things that happened that we should expect?  Any suggestions on what to do would be helpful!  We don't want to loose all the analytics we already have.