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    landing page url list

    Tim Ball

      Hi all,


      I am going through a clean up of our system and was wondering if there is a way to list all landing pages that are on our domain.
      I want to create a register and also free up or redirect some old url's.


      I can run a landing page performance report which will give me the name of all pages over a time period but i was after the url.


      is there a way?


        • Re: landing page url list
          Tim Ball

          Hi all,


          I found a solution to this.


          • In Design Studio
          • Select "Landing Pages" - this will show a list of all your used templates.
          • On the bottom nav bar select "Export to Excel"


          This will export a list called "Landing Page Stats". One of the columns in the excel spreadsheet is called "Page URL" which lists all your in use landing pages both live and archived.



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