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    Email Background Hero Images Duplicating.

    DeAnna Humphrey

      My background hero images are dupliating. Note:  It is happening only on desktop view not on mobile view when I send a test email. I have tried changing sizes and different aspects within the code but I am feeling around in the dark as I am not very knowledgeable with code.  I was hoping someone has experienced this and knows the solution.One other item that is an issue for our emails is we need to be able to display a toke/field in currency format.  Do you know a snippet of code that would allow me to make my currency token read with dollar signs, commas, and decimal places?


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          Grace Brebner

          Hey DeAnna Humphrey,


          Can you specify what email client and which version you're using when you see these errors, and provide the code? Sounds like it's probably Outlook, which commonly sees these kinds of errors. Campaign Monitor has a nifty little tool to help generate some reliable background image code: Bulletproof background images | Campaign Monitor - see if this works for you.


          So far as currency formats of tokens, a token will not inherently reformat values, but simply pull the value as it currently exists in the lead record. I would either add a $ in front of the token referencing a currency field type, or input the value to a string field in the exact formatting that you are looking for - depends on whether this is a one off import of data or a field that's regularly updated and synced with your CRM.


          Hope that helps.

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              DeAnna Humphrey



              We are using Gmail email client when receiving the images on my computer, I

              have a windows computer and my daughter has a Mac both results are the

              same.  So what I have determined is it has everything to do with Marketo's

              templates.  It is not allowing me to change any images or text in size or

              length from its original suggested format and size on the top layer over

              the background Hero Image.  I am wondering if your tool will help resolve

              this? I am thinking possibly not.  I believe there has to be something in

              the code that would allow me to make the changes; for example, the logo a

              bigger size, see the following illustrations to get an idea of what I am



              Note: On mobile devices, the image never duplicates, what is different in

              the code, can I make the desktop work like mobile in this instance?



              First Image, I would like to make the logo in the upper left-hand corner

              even bigger but this example serves the purpose of showing you what is



              The second image, I kept the logo the original suggested size, which you

              can see is extremely small.




              Thank you,



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                  Grace Brebner

                  Hi DeAnna,


                  If you're using a web based email client, the browser you're using will also contribute to this issue. To touch on your question about why this doesn't show on mobile, different web browsers and email clients render code differently - some accept certain bits of code, some ignore it. Outlook is a classic example of one that requires a lot of extra clarity to ensure as consistent an appearance as possible. Media queries within the code will control how it appears on devices of different sizes. This is why it's important to use email testing tools such as litmus or email on acid to get an accurate sense of how your email renders across difference clients, browsers, and devices.


                  Overall, I would say it sounds like the default template you're using isn't built in such a way to support your ideal use, and that you either need to do some customisation to it or get one custom designed & built for you. Background images can be pretty finicky for people who aren't super comfortable with code, so you might want to enlist a developer who's comfortable with coding for Marketo to help you here. There are plenty of people in the community who would be able to offer their services/make recommendations.  Grazitti, Perkuto and Knak are some common recommendations for support in these areas.

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                Sanford Whiteman

                Velocity (Email Script) tokens can output fields in any currency/locale format you want.


                If you search for "currency velocity" you'll see a bunch of examples (esp. if you narrow to my username).


                If you tell me the precise output (and stored) formats you're talking about I can tell you how it's done. Please open another thread for that topic.

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                    DeAnna Humphrey



                    Thank you.  I am brand new to Marketo and it took me a second to wrap my

                    head around where and how to create the tokens within My Tokens in a

                    folder.  I thought at first this code had to be applied in the CSS and I

                    was unsure how to begin.  I just completed the setup of my Velocity (Email

                    Script) token and it worked.


                    Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.


                    DeAnna Humphrey



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