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    CASL in Effect July 1 - How Are You Managing This?

      CASL goes into effect July 1. This is the toughest anti-spam compliance law in the whole world. Good article here http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=c463e704-d950-4450-a5bc-0fcdd464b592. So you cannot call, email, text etc. anyone in Canada with expressed opt-in permission. How is everyone handling this in Marketo? I heard Pardot put in place something for all their customers but wasnt sure how we (Marketo customers) were handling this.

      Do I need to go into all my campaigns and manually filter out Canada?
      Do I need to create a new custom field for opt-in, then add it to all forms then update all landing pages and web pages so it is included?
      Do I need to make a smart list of opt-ins to include in all smart campaigns (I have about 50 probably running right now)?
      How will this work when there are 4 dupe leads with same email? Does 1 opt-in and not apply to all?

      Clock's ticking on handling this strict compliance law. Love to hear how everyone is handling using Marketo. Thanks