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    Discrepancy between Lead is Created Time inside Activity Log vs SL Leads View

    Denise Greenberg

      Does anyone know why there is often a discrepancy between the time in the Lead Created Date shown in a Smart List Lead View vs the time inside the activity log? For example:


      Smart List Lead View shows 6:34pm


      Whereas inside the Activity Log it says 6:49


      This is a small discrepancy but I notice it because I'm looking a troubleshooting smart lists and, in the case above, 6:34 means a program should have been triggered and run that would have disqualified the person for the smart list whereas the later time doesn't. So this is a bit of a nuisance for me.


      I asked Marketo Support about this once but didn't get an answer back. I just don't understand where the Smart List view gets the date/time if not from the activity log and am curious. Any ideas?


      Thank you,